The video is of Little Miss walking for the first time at my house and it being the first time I had seen her do it. We had lots of fun that day, and I cannot wait until she discovers she can run, that will be a blast for me….IF I can keep up with her.
I hope you enjoy this homemade video of her…..

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Being Lazy last few days….

I am sorry that I have not had much time in the last week to write much, Little Miss started walking and I have been busy working since the new owner took over.

I will try to put up some more stuff later this week, I just need a little more time to get some other things finished before I can sit down to do a good piece.

thanks “G”

A good folk group!
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Music and what it brings to the soul.

Demo by National Park Radio <click here to listen to six tracks,(note: if you click on the sound wave or the orange arrow next to the title demo it will play all six songs for you). 

I have always enjoyed music as far back I as I can remember, being a kid I remember some of the best songs from way back in the late 60s, 70s, 80s, and to present day. I never have been limited to any one artist or type of music, my soul desires more than that. The talent that comes from the artist , the sound, the lyrics, and the style in which they play or perform. Above is one example of a group of young men from the south in Arkansas writing the songs and performing them for crowds all over the USA. You can find songs from them on facebook,, YouTube, and some other song networks. They have a good folk sound and they’re family men that do this for the love of the music, it is what their souls desire them to do.

When I first found these guys I played a song called December for Little Miss, she was only about four or five months old, and she was dancing in her seat to the song. I video taped it and sent it to one of the band members via facebook and these guys got a kick out of it. They came to Colorado a few months later, but I was not able to get off work to go see them perform. I have seen them via YouTube and I will someday see the live. One of the band members went to CU in Boulder, CO. so they come back here at least once and awhile to perform for the college kids.

Please check them out on the soundcloud, youtube, and facebook you might even get a free song download from one of the places.


A special collection of photos by Brianne Glover Photography of Little Miss at six months and a year old. I would highly recommend using a professional photographer like Brianne one that specializes in children and families.

Little Miss in the BOX
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Professional Photographer

Little Miss talking up a storm

Little Miss talking up a storm


Little Miss talking up a storm

It is always worth paying to have a professional photographer take pictures of the kids. They seem to capture moments that even you might miss because you are around them all the time.

From our family to the photographer Brianne Glover with Brianne Glover Photography we would like to give you a special thank you for the moments you capture of our love ones.



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WordPress & Facebook Junkie

WordPress & Facebook Junkie

A few years ago I was deep into blogging, but I had to stop for it was taking up to much of time. I found Facebook to be a means to add things that I was interested in but many people will not take the time to read more than a few words on it. It is a fast way to express oneself, but at what cost? I do like the fact that I can use both of them as tool to voice my thoughts and opinions. One thing I do not understand is why more people are not using WordPress that are on Facebook? WordPress is a great tool that allows you to do more of self expression than that of just Facebook alone. I decided to start blogging again with idea that I will keep most of my postings to a three or four paragraph limit most of the time.

Start your own blog with

Start your own blog with

I must confess I am still very much a Facebook junkie and I will be for a long time. I hope that my Facebook friends will also use this tool of blogging to express deeper thoughts of their lives. For those of you that are Facebook junkies like myself, if you decide to start blogging I want you to know it is very easy and free if you use and I promise you will find it to be a lot of fun and relaxing, too!

If you're a blogger start a facebook account

If you’re a blogger start a facebook account

I have found that more bloggers use facebook than facebook junkies use a blog. It is time that you facebook junkies use every thing you can to voice your opinions and views. You can click the high lighted words to link right up on either one to get you started today.

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Life with pictures….2014


Life with pictures….2014

It’s important to me to capture every single moment that I can, I am not sure why I feel this way, but I do.

Maybe it is because life is so short that we miss so much in our everyday life, and we miss those special moments never to get them back.

I know I missed way to many years of my daughters growing up with the kind of work I do, that now I do not want to miss the growing up of my grandchildren. At one time I was an over the road truck driver being gone from home weeks at a time. Missing so much of the growth of my daughters, now that I am home everyday I do not want to miss this time with the grandbabies.

I will take pictures to keep the memory of the day or the event for a lifetime. I have trained the granddaughter pretty well so far how to pose for a picture but I think I need to work on her smile for the camera, just a little more.