Being part of the whole family.

Little Miss at her best, climbing all over Grammy and the dog at nap time. She will do anything to get out of taking a nap until she begins to rub her little eyes. That is the sign that she is more than ready for a nap and soon she will be asleep. Little Miss is now 13 months old and is learning new things every second. It is like the mind starving for information and wanting to be feed. It’s so neat to watch it at work while she tries to figure out some thing.

I wanted for so long to be a Grandfather and was so excited the day I became one. I am a proud grandfather of two grandkids. I am a lucky man for I have the chance to have one that lives near me but I am sad that one lives 8 hours away that I do not get to see everyday. I love them both in ways that is very hard to put into words, but how does one explain true joy?

This blog will be all about my life as a grandfather and my family that holds my heart dear. I am not sure if anyone will read it, but it will help me along the way keep things that I find dear to me as a record to refer back to from time to time.

I will take all comments if you wish to leave one and I am open to any suggestion that you may have regarding any post. I look forward to a wonderful time going forward with this blog.


Being part of the whole family.


2 thoughts on “Being part of the whole family.

  1. Shaun Lowell says:

    This is why I’m proud to call you friend. I know what a true tough guy you are. I respect the things you’ve done in your life. My definition of a real man is someone who is strong and capable of defending the weak but sensitive enough to pick them up after they have fallen

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