Last week baby sitting Little Miss

Last week while baby sitting Little Miss we were playing on the floor and I thought it would be funny if I growled at her to see what she would do! I thought maybe she would growl back or give me one of those looks she gives, but what happened I was not ready for.

Before I go on with this little story event I need to give a short history of why I was not expecting this to happen. We have a little old lady Jack Russel that keeps her distance most of the time from Little Miss except at snack and lunch time. Every time Little Miss comes any where near her she will get up and move to another location, so what she did on this day was not expected at all.

So here we are on the floor, I growl at Little Miss, this dog comes running towards me and blocks me from her. With each move I made she made a move to block me. I could not believe it, she was actually protecting the child. Now, I am glad that she is doing that do not get me wrong but I was shocked to no end. I guess the thing to remember is that, what seems to be, may not really be at all.

I am proud of the old girl for protecting my granddaughter even if it was me she was protecting her from.


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