How life can bring joy…..


I was baby sitting today (Little Miss) when a thought came to mind just how lucky I am to have her in my life and the joy she brings every time I see her. She makes me smile, laugh to tears, and when she cuddles with me I just melt away.


For those of you that know me real well know I am the big bad tattooed biker type of guy but I have a heart of gold for those people dear to me. As a note, most bikers have huge hearts and will do just about anything for brothers, family, and friends. The key to it is respect of them and those people they care about.


I wanted to put this post up to inspire more men to get involved with their families even if it means opening your heart up, putting nail polish on, or playing tea party with a granddaughter. This will show the world that you are a much stronger man and a man that is okay with his manhood. What matters most is the love you will show that grandchild for taking the time to put them first and it will only make your bond with them that much greater.

Now here is the challenge for the men…. take time out of your day today or tomorrow and spend time with a loved one without the TV on and enjoy them for who they are and what they mean to you. Now go get it done…..


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