Old Dog Productions

I would like to explain how the OLD DOG PRODUCTIONS came about. While I like to make lots of homemade videos of my grandchildren I thought it would be nice to add my very own production title page to each video.

I decided to use the old dog because of my best little buddy BUBBA DOG was very sick and soon would have to be put down. I had to put him down last year and it just ripped my heart in two. I chose a picture of a black lab that reminded me of my childhood dog that lived to be 18 years old instead of one of Bubba. I just knew I could not look at his picture every time I played a video my heart was to wounded for that. Maybe in the next year I will be able to put his picture up but I still need time. I guess when you love something so much the hurt and pain never goes away but yet we still live on with the hopes that one day in heaven we will meet again.
If you click on the Old Dog Productions picture you will be taken to a link of a video I made in memory of him. I still get tears in my eyes and my heart hurts every time I watch it.


Old Dog Productions


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