Things to do….

Some of us men get stumped with things to do with little ones and girls seem to be harder for some reason. Men or most men never played with dolls or had a tea party or played house. It is a hard thing for us to get our minds around. Since it was never important to us like link-in-logs, playing cars, blowing things up, or playing cowboys and Indians.


However, all is not lost, girls love making noise from banging on drums, boxes, tables, or anything that will make a sound. You can use this to your advantage in many ways, one example is; I have been trying to teach Little Miss rhythm while she is banging on things and making a game out of it. I have found another little trait in little girls that I kind of known was in the older ones but as it seems to be a trait that is breed into them from birth. If you take a doll or stuff animal and show that you are loving on it or caressing it they will stop what ever else they’re doing to come and do the same thing. It is funny to see them do this but it is also cute. I guess that is what makes them good mothers later in life. All kids like to ride on your shoulders from time to time and most like to play giddy up or move fast in the up and down movement. Girls love to swing in the swing, color in coloring books, be read to, and tickled to no end. Well, dads and granddads there is no excuse to take the time to play with the kids, and let me tell you, there is nothing more important to them than you spending time with them.



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