Screaming baby at nap time…..

The screaming baby at nap time…………

In the last few weeks my granddaughter has began the screaming fit for the afternoon nap time and I thought I would do a little research into this to see just how common this is. Well, as it turns out it is fairly common and a part of the toddlers way of learning how to put themselves to sleep. It is been for me way to many years without a baby around for me to remember if my own children did this but I can bet one of them did if I remember correctly.

If you are baby sitting a baby or (LITTLE MISS) then you might find the link that I attached to the heading of this helpful. I was glad to see that it is a normal thing that a lot of toddlers go through and ways to help them along. The thing is the strength we must have to endure this for the time being will depend on us. It will not be easy, I suggest investing in a set of ear plugs and hold your ground.

My granddaughter Little Miss

My granddaughter Little Miss


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