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Dads & Grandfathers it is up to us……..


Dads & Grandfathers it is up to us……..

We are losing the things that make America great at a rapid rate and it is up to us to turn it around.

The morals, respect of ones self, the caring for others, the helpfulness to others, and so on are on the way out. What we need to do is get back to teaching our children right from wrong, making them work for something they want, spend time with them each day, show them how to care, show them how to love,  show them respect and how to respect others. This all starts with us as parents and grandparents and it needs to be done, the other way is not working.

It seems that many think it is the schools job to do this, but it is our job first and we need to man up. We have lost our way of what it means to be role models for our kids. Instead we have put every thing into our work to support them and losing the time we need to spend with them in return. We end up losing them to the gangs, to the dealers, to the pimps, to the thugs and then to the jail system. What they need is us, they need us to care, they need us to protect them, they us to love them, they need us to be there for them and most of all they need us to teach them.

The question is are you MAN ENOUGH to do what is right for your kids and grandchildren? If you are, know right now, this is not going to be easy and it will be the biggest job you will ever do with the most rewards . You will save a life and make a good person in the end. Guys, it is up to us to do the right thing and set the examples for the next generations to come.


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