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Being Lazy last few days….

I am sorry that I have not had much time in the last week to write much, Little Miss started walking and I have been busy working since the new owner took over.

I will try to put up some more stuff later this week, I just need a little more time to get some other things finished before I can sit down to do a good piece.

thanks “G”

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WordPress & Facebook Junkie

WordPress & Facebook Junkie

A few years ago I was deep into blogging, but I had to stop for it was taking up to much of time. I found Facebook to be a means to add things that I was interested in but many people will not take the time to read more than a few words on it. It is a fast way to express oneself, but at what cost? I do like the fact that I can use both of them as tool to voice my thoughts and opinions. One thing I do not understand is why more people are not using WordPress that are on Facebook? WordPress is a great tool that allows you to do more of self expression than that of just Facebook alone. I decided to start blogging again with idea that I will keep most of my postings to a three or four paragraph limit most of the time.

Start your own blog with

Start your own blog with

I must confess I am still very much a Facebook junkie and I will be for a long time. I hope that my Facebook friends will also use this tool of blogging to express deeper thoughts of their lives. For those of you that are Facebook junkies like myself, if you decide to start blogging I want you to know it is very easy and free if you use and I promise you will find it to be a lot of fun and relaxing, too!

If you're a blogger start a facebook account

If you’re a blogger start a facebook account

I have found that more bloggers use facebook than facebook junkies use a blog. It is time that you facebook junkies use every thing you can to voice your opinions and views. You can click the high lighted words to link right up on either one to get you started today.

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I have an idea!

I have an idea!

While I was working last night, I thought maybe it would be fun to add a page on this blog that would be of a personal daily must do kind of thing. This is what I am thinking of doing and I would like some input from folks on it and if you would also be interested in doing the same.

Start a new page called the (Daily Do) and what will be on this page is one main word for each day.

Example: Laughter

The way I want this to play out is that we take the one word and we try to make it happened with people we talk to during our day. Sometimes it might just be one person you will find that needs the word or perhaps many. Then I want you to write a short comment in the post of one experience what happened when you used the word.

Lets start with this one word given here today and use this post as a sample post to see if it will work before I start a whole another page.

 Rules on what you can do with the word:

1- you can use it with everyone you meet in a sentence, and see their reaction.

2- you can make someone do the word, and see their reaction.

3- you can do the word over and over again while talking to a person, and get their reaction.

I think this idea will be a lot of fun if we try it for a week each day.