The video is of Little Miss walking for the first time at my house and it being the first time I had seen her do it. We had lots of fun that day, and I cannot wait until she discovers she can run, that will be a blast for me….IF I can keep up with her.
I hope you enjoy this homemade video of her…..


Nick Vujicic is a man of many talents, he reaches the hearts of millions and is a true Gods gift to the world.
I hope that you will watch this video and watch this video again with your kids or grandkids. Sometimes in life it takes another person to reach the kids and this man can do just that.
Please take the time to watch this to the end and repost it or share it. We need to turn many of these kids around to a more positive way to look at themselves.

Happy Valentine's Day

I stumbled across this picture and thought I would write about it. Just think at times we seem to over think buying a gift for our mates, sometimes at a great expense but here is a simple gift that would mean much more.

We have over marketed so many holidays that the meaning in them just seem to fade away. Let me say this, I hope we can all be a little crafty like this little person and do some sweet thing for our loved one that is one of a kind or special. If you have children and would like to try a craft with them to make a special gift please click on the picture for ideas.


Happy Valentine’s Day


Being a Grandfather…


I have to say one of the most powerful moments in life for me was the day my daughter was born. I was scared, over joyed, and filled with love that I thought nothing in this world could ever out do. I was wrong!

The day came when my first grandchild was born (Little Man), I was so excited that he was a boy since I only had girls and I was over joyed that he was healthy. Then my granddaughter was born about 8 months later and I was at the hospital waiting on her to come into this world. I was worried for my other daughter during this delivery for she has health issues and this could have turned badly very fast. We were lucky, everyone was healthy and in good shape when it was all over. I wish I could have been with the other daughter for my grandsons birth but the distance and my job would not allow that to happen at the time.1383418_211925968978555_1921670619_n

Looking backwards in time I wish I could change many things, but life is full of lessons in which we learn from to advance forward in life, to be roll models for our kids and grandkids. Today I am a much better person for the things I have seen and done both good and bad. I have a life filled with love, I have my God, and I have my family. Sure we all have issues from time to time but what counts is how you decide to look at them and handle them. Maybe what I am trying to say is that what matters in life is those you surround yourself with. Family is the most important in my life these days and close friends you can count on.

Being a Grandfather is one of the most important things in my life. I want to set a good roll model for them, I want to be their when they need me, I want to watch them grow and learn. How does one explain the love for a grandchild? I can say it is much different than the love of a child. It is like loving some thing so special that you just want to protect them always from the world. The hard part is knowing you cannot protect them always and they have to learn the world on there own. Well, to be honest I felt the same way with my daughters but some how this is different and really hard to put a finger on it and why it is!!!! The only think that comes to mind is the fact that you as a grandparent are more relaxed about things kids do, and you let them do it without worrying if they should put that in the mouth or let the fall for the first time while they learn to walk.

The hard part will come when you want to give them everything because you can but what will that teach them? I guess the learning curve of having your own children give you the insight or foresight on how to handle things better.1393270_728013547214190_1580446400_n

It is funny that we seem to repeat history in a strange short of way. I never thought I would be changing diapers again, feeding a baby again, or teaching them new things but the funny part is, it is much easier this time around.