The video is of Little Miss walking for the first time at my house and it being the first time I had seen her do it. We had lots of fun that day, and I cannot wait until she discovers she can run, that will be a blast for me….IF I can keep up with her.
I hope you enjoy this homemade video of her…..


A special collection of photos by Brianne Glover Photography of Little Miss at six months and a year old. I would highly recommend using a professional photographer like Brianne one that specializes in children and families.

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Life is what comes next?

Life is what comes next?

I am sure this title has you wondering what path I am going to go with it.

In life we seem to always wonder what can happen next, especially when times are hard or we are having a bad day. I myself have had the same experience many times in life as it has moved along, but this is not about that nor is it about the after life when we’re gone.imagesFE1RGPI2

As people we have many good things that happen to us throughout life only to be shadowed by the bad ones. We seem to remember the worst days of life rather than the good days and the best days. We need to slow down, take time to enjoy all aspects of life, and really begin to live life each moment at a time. We need to stop looking at things so negatively and see the positive side of what it is. The old Ying & Yang theory really does exist in everything.positive-negative

I recently watched a video of a mother and her newborn son that was born without eyes and a mouth pallet. This poor first time mother was very scared, heart broken in many ways, full of fear of how her and her husband would be able to take care of their son. The doctors had no ideas what to do to help her but the amazing thing in the whole story it was her son that helped her. Let me give you just a small amount of the story of her troubles she was going through and how her son help her and many, many others see the positive side of life.

She would take him out in public, people would point and say terrible things about him, one women if told her how much of a bad person she was for not aborting him. This poor women had already been through so much then she was faced with the cold hearted nature of people, then it happened just like a miracle from God sent to this world to see, to hear, and to bring much needed joy to this mother. This little boy would since when someone would stare at him and he would giggle a giggle so sweet sounding that peoples hearts would open up with joy. With his giggle he opened eyes to see beyond the sadness of his situation and see the joy he has to offer this world and he did this all before he was one years old.Positive-over-Negative

I hope this story would also open your eyes to the positive things all around you, look for them and you will see them everywhere. It is so easy to see the negative side, a little harder to see the positive side, but I promise it comes easier the more you look for it. When you begin to do this more and more often a whole new live comes next.

Love the world, love your fellow man, be positive, look for the good things this life has to offer, and remember we’re only here for a short time so do it right.

Poppy “G”


Nick Vujicic is a man of many talents, he reaches the hearts of millions and is a true Gods gift to the world.
I hope that you will watch this video and watch this video again with your kids or grandkids. Sometimes in life it takes another person to reach the kids and this man can do just that.
Please take the time to watch this to the end and repost it or share it. We need to turn many of these kids around to a more positive way to look at themselves.


Love letter to my wife on Valentine’s Day

Love letter to my wife on Valentine’s Day


Dear wife,

We have been together for many years now, we have seen many Valentine’s Days, but for me it does not have to be a special day on the calendar for it to be special. With you in my life each day is special, it means more to me to have you in my life everyday, to hold, to talk with, to laugh with, to cry with, to dream with, and to love with.

I would be lost without someone as special as you to help guide me along the way. The days we have spent together, the weeks, and the years seem like just a short moment in time. How fast times goes when you’re madly in love with a very special person as you.

We have a new life in our family now to bring even more joy to our life with the grand babies, but to say I am filled with joy would be a under statement. I feel my life has come full circle now with the best things in it that God could give me. First being you my lovely wife, second being my lovely daughters, and third being my wonderful grandchildren. What more can a man ask for than that?

To you my wife I must confess it is you that after all these years I still think of when I am alone, it is you that I dream of when I am asleep, and it is you that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

I love you!